Google NEST Mini Wall Mount Mini Dock No-Cord by TecScan
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Google NEST Mini Wall Mount Mini Dock No-Cord by TecScan

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Dock, Plug-in, Play!

One and Only, No Power Cable, direct plug-in mount for the Google NEST Mini - Check the connector this unit accepts the 2nd gen Mini NEST pin not the USB

  • Google NEST Mini Dock is an actual electronic device not a hollow plastic wire cover
  • Installs in Seconds, no cable to hide, no screws, no drilling, no clips. Plugs directly into an outlet. No tools, no screws, no sticky tape, no cable winding, required.
  • The Mini Dock securely holds the Google NEST Mini and provides direct power - not even a short USB power cable to attach.
  • Gain More Open Sound, responsiveness, and easier access, in a space saving design. Just Dock, Plug-in, Play!
  • The TecScan Mini Dock NEST version integrated outlet mount for your Google NEST Mini eliminates the power adapter and cable. 
  • Plugs directly into an outlet with no screws, tape, or hidden cables. In just seconds you gain a clean and open space for your Google NEST Mini mounted up, down, or sideways. 
  • Note: Google NEST Mini not included. FCC and RoHS compliant.
  • The Mini Dock can mount sideways or the in top outlet oriented above the outlet. The Mini Dock will work in a horizontal outlet. 
  • NOTE: Mini Dock is only for Google NEST Mini.
  • Google NEST Mini not included.
  • Dimensions: 2.6in x 1.6in x 4.6in. 
  • In the box: TecScan Mini Dock, manual.
  • FCC and RoHS compliant.