LiTESeasy Deluxe Wireless Light & Signal Kit

LiTESeasy Deluxe Wireless Light & Signal Kit

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VOLTSeasy Voltage Reducer [+$28.00]
FUNcaster Barometer [+$19.00]
SEESeasy Rear View Mirrors (Set) [+$11.00]
CELL-CADDY [+$8.00]
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LiTESeasy Deluxe LED kit includes:
  • SMD 2835 400 Lumen LED Headlight
  • SMD 2835 400 Lumen LED Taillight
  • Complete Plug-in Wire Harness with Voltage Meter
  • Controller with Adjustable Automatic Brake Light
  • Steering Wheel Mounted Remote Control
  • EXTRA Key Fob Pocket Remote Control
  • Horn
  • Wire ties and hardware
  • Instructions

        Lights Feature:
        • SMD 2835 LED 400 Lumen Bright Headlight
        • Superior Lumen to Watt Brightness Ratio
        • Poly methyl methacrylate clearest magnifying lens
        • Scratch and sun resistant - Geo-optic reflector Flat Beam
        • Silicon channel gasket seal - Plug-in design
        • Extreme Visibility PURE RED LED Taillight
        • Dims: 15 7/8"W x 1 1/16"H x 2 7/8"D
        TecScan has designed and manufactured a new generation of LED Light kits featuring the SMD2835 led,
        they have higher lumen brightness efficiency, better stability, better heat dissipation and longer life. (SMD = Surface-Mounted-Device)
        • The SMD2835 is much thinner than previous LEDs, with dimension 2.8*3.5*0.7 mm. Because of excellent dimensional design it adapts well to products with a projection lens.
        • The higher lumens rated SMD2835 increases from 6 LM/watt up to 35 LM/watt, so, it can easily replace larger sized SMD LEDs.
        • The SMD2835 can produce more light due to improved cooling. The thin design technology produces a shorter light pathway which increases the SMD2835 efficiency up to 96%.
        • The larger cooling area (6.6 mm²) of SMD2835 increases lifespan, which can reach up to 50,000 Hours.

        Controller Features:
        • LiTESeasy Simplified Installation Design
        • Plug-in Wire Harness with built-in voltage meter
        • Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, Adjustable Automatic Brake Light
        • Headlights, Taillights and Auxiliary Circuit Functions
        Wireless Remote Control Features:
        • Steering Wheel Mounted Remote Controls all Lights and Signals
        • Bonus: Key Fob Remote Included
        Complex Wiring Diagrams
        Cutting Big Holes in Fenders


        Can I use a LiTESeasy Controller with a gas-powered cart?


        Generally, the answer is yes. The LiTESeasy Controller must be on standby to receive commands from the remote control; this uses a minuscule amount of power. Over time, it is possible this could discharge a single 12-volt battery. Especially if the cart is not used on a regular (3-4 times per week) basis.

        Connect all accessories through the controller.



        Check and/or Replace Battery 

        Check Cart Charging System for About 15 Volts Output
        Add an ON/OFF Switch to Cut Power to the Controller
        Trickle Charge the 12-Volt Cart Battery

        VOLTSeasy Voltage Reducer not included.
        Required for carts with 8-volt batteries
        See options.