EZ GO LiTESeasy STANDARD BRIGHT LED Kit W/Plug in Wire Harness and Voltage Meter

EZ GO LiTESeasy STANDARD BRIGHT LED Kit W/Plug in Wire Harness and Voltage Meter

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LiTESeasy Standard X2L Light Kit Options
Voltage Reducer 36 & 48 Volt [+$28.00]
FUNcaster Weather Clock [+$19.00]
CELL-CADDY 4-Pocket [+$8.00]
2 Rear View Mirrors [+$11.00]
Model: LiTESeasy Standard LED Light Kit (Reducer Optional)
Part#: 854452004228
Dims: 15 7/8" W x 1 1/16" H x 2 7/8" D
  • 6000K/R X2L BRIGHT LED's that will light the area of a 2-car garage.
  • Extremely low 4.46-watt power draw (front and rear lights combined)
  • Poly methyl methacrylate (clearest man made material) acrylic glass-magnifying lens with scratch and sun resistant formula
  • Geo-optic chrome-plated reflector focuses and boosts the illumination
  • Silicone channel gasket mates the lens to the frame for a waterproof seal
  • Plug-in design makes installation easier
  • An exclusive Tecscan designed product
TecScan’s has designed and manufactured new generation of LED Light kits featuring the SMD2835 led, 
they have higher lumen brightness efficiency, better stability, better heat dissipation and  longer life. (SMD = Surface-Mounted-Device)
  • The SMD2835 is much thinner than previous LEDs, with dimension 2.8*3.5*0.7mm. Because of excellent dimensional design it adapts well for the products with a projection lens. 
  • The higher lumens rated SMD2835 increases from 6LM/watt up to 35LM/watt, so, it can easily replace larger sized SMD LEDs. 
  • The SMD2835 has can produce more light due to improved cooling. The thin design technology produces a shorter light pathway which increases the SMD2835 efficiency up to 96%.
  • The larger cooling area (6.6mm²) of SMD2835 increases lifespan, which can reach up to 50,000 Hours. 
With the high-performance and high-efficiency of the SMD2835 is a great replacement for our previous SMD 5050 LEDs.

There are 2 types of commonly used golf cart voltage reducers:
  • A linear reducer regulates either output voltage or current by dissipating the excess electric power in the form of heat.
  • The heat generated can be a problem and the energy used to the create heat is wasted.
  • This means a 36 or 48-volt golf cart will waste 75% of the energy used to operate the lights with a linear voltage reducer.
  • The VOLTSeasy (SMPS) switched-mode power supply regulates voltage or current by switching inductors and capacitors, into and out of different electrical configurations.
  • These switching elements have no resistance when "closed" and carry no current when "open", and so the VOLTSeasy
  • (SMPS) converter can operate at almost 100% efficiency with all input power being delivered to the load; no power is wasted as dissipated heat
(Optional) VOLTSeasy Features:
  • VOLTSeasy reducers have longer wires and the correct battery connectors installed at the factory this reduces installation time.
  • VOLTSeasy reducers operate up to 15 AMPS or 180 watts continuous duty, plenty of power for most golf cart accessories.
  • VOLTSeasy (SMPS) switching-mode power supplies are also substantially smaller and lighter than a linear supply due to the smaller transformer size and weight.
  • VOLTSeasy reducers extend battery life by including an off-charger disconnect plug.
  • This specially designed heavy-duty plug allows the batteries to be disconnected when the cart will not be used for long periods, such as, during winter months.
  • Specific instructions included for a golf cart installation with connectors and hardware
Specifications: Works on both 36 and 48-volt carts 25 AMP rated, 15 AMP, 180 WATTS continuous duty, Auto overload shut down and reset, Reset time 30 mins, Input wire 3 feet with off-charger disconnect plug, Factory Installed Connectors, Waterproof Aluminum case

LiTESeasy Standard LED Light Kit Includes:
1 X2L LED Head Light
1 TEC-6R LED Tail Light
1 Plug- In Wire Harness with On/Off Switch and Voltage Meter
(Voltage Reducer Optional)