Amazon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount DotDock No-Cord by TecScan
Amazon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount DotDock No-Cord by TecScan

Amazon Echo Dot 2 Wall Mount DotDock No-Cord by TecScan

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Dock, Plug-in, Play!

  • One and Only, No Power Cable, direct plug-in mount for the Echo Dot
  • Replaces the AC adapter and micro-USB cable for the Echo Dot 2nd Generation ONLY.
  • Installs in Seconds, no cable to hide, no screws, no drilling, no clips.
  • The DotDock securely holds the Echo Dot and provides direct power - not even a short USB power cable to attach.
  • Compact, Open Design makes second wall outlet fully accessible while maximizing speaker and microphone performance.
  • DotDock Saves Counter Space in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom and better integrates the Echo Dot into your living space.
  • Gain More Open Sound, responsiveness, and easier access, in a space saving design. Just Dock, Plug-in, Play!

The TecScan DotDock replaces your original Echo Dot 2nd Generation AC adapter and micro-USB cable, becoming a holder for your Echo Dot that plugs directly into an outlet. The DotDock is a completely cable-free design and offers more placement options for your Echo Dot. No screws, micro-USB cables, or plastic shell, so it takes just seconds to attach your Echo Dot and plug-in. The DotDock opens your Echo Dot to better placement - no countertop, nightstand, or table space needed - reducing your worry of damage from a spill or pulled cable. The compact size of the DotDock enables full access to the second outlet for full-sized, 3-prong plugs.

The DotDock was designed to plugin to the lower outlet and hang below. If an outlet holds a plug sufficiently tight the DotDock can mount sideways or the in top outlet oriented above the outlet. The DotDock will work in a horizontal outlet. The 3.5mm audio output is not accessible when using the Echo Dot with the DotDock - please use Bluetooth for external audio if desired.

NOTE:DotDock is only for Echo Dot 2nd Generation.

Amazon Echo Dot not included.

In the box: TecScan DotDock, manual.

Dimensions: 2.75in x 1.5in x 5in.

FCC and RoHS compliant.