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FUNcaster Weather Clock
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FUNcaster Weather Clock
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Model:FUNcaster Weather Clock
Weight:0.2 lbs
Dims:4" W x 1 7/16" H x 7/8" D

Instructions See Below: FUNcaster User Guide

FUNcaster includes:

1 FUNcaster Weather Clock

1 Set of Velcro mounting tabs

1 Instruction Sheet

 FUNcaster User Guide

Weather Station Functions:

  1. Display time
  2. Temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius): -50 to 99 or -58 to 158
  3. Humidity: 20% to 99%  Accuracy: +/-1. +/-5%
  4. Three Letter Weather Forecast in Right Side Window

 Power: Two LR44 Batteries or equivalent-Double check polarity when replacing batteries


Remove the battery tab by pulling slow and hard, Time will display AM 12:00

 Time setting

  1. Press UP key for 3 seconds to change 12hr or 24hr mode.
  2. Press SET key for 3 seconds and the hour space will flash. Press UP or DOWN to set the hour.
  3. Press SET again and the minute space will flash. Press UP or         DOWN to set the minute
  4. Press the SET key to save the time setting
  5. Pressing the SET key again will show date setting  Note: DATE & DAY ARE NOT DISPLAYED - THE RIGHT SIDE WINDOW IS THE WEATHER FORECAST
  6.  Temperature and Humidity Display is automatic
  7.  Press the DOWN key to select Celsius or Fahrenheit

 Warning: This device is not to be used for personal or public safety.

    Warning: When you can hear thunder, you can be hit by lightning.

     Always check with weather authorities before venturing out to play or work.

     For support call 1-352-264-7877 between 9 AM & 4 PM EST or email through eBay