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FUNcaster - Predicts Tomorrow's Weather
FUNcaster Weather Clock
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FUNcaster Weather Clock
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 Designed for Outdoor Use

Easy to Install

FUNcaster predicts tomorrow's weather with amazing accuracy. We think every outdoor enthusiast will want one of these. They make great gifts, too.

The FUNcaster records the temperature and humidity over a 24-hour period. Sophisticated logic calculations by the CMOS computer chip analyses this data and displays a forecast for the next 24 hours. The weather forecasting function of this device will not work in a controlled environment.

The FUNcaster is one of those items every golf cart and patio should have.  We developed FUNcaster for people that like to know more than just the time. Having the temperature and humidity helps golfers know when to change from a jacket to a sweater or when they need to drink to stay hydrated.

 Weather Station Functions:

  1. Display time
  2. Temperature (Fahrenheit/Celsius): -50 to 99 or -58 to 158
  3. Humidity: 20% to 99%  Accuracy: +/-1. +/-.5%
  4. Three Letter Weather Forecast in Right Side Window

 Power: Two LR44 Batteries or equivalent-Double check polarity when replacing batteries

Warning: This device is not to be used for personal or public safety.

    Warning: When you can hear thunder, you can be hit by lightning.

     Always check with weather authorities before venturing out to play or work.

     For support call 1-352-264-7877 between 9 AM & 4 PM EST or email through eBay